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Aprilskin Glam D One Meal Glam Shake

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

[Not sponsored] Click here for $3 off One fine day I chanced upon MongaBong's youtube video. I forgot what it was about but she was sipping away on the One Meal Glam Shake by Glam.D (Aprilskin). She found it unbelievably tasty for a meal replacement so I decided to give it a shot. Landing at the Glam.D website, I was immediately turned off and prepared for the worst because they carry diet pills as well.... I'm not a fan of diet pills because for them to work, they probably have to be very strong and therefore quite dangerous to consume. Off the shelf diet pills probably have little to no effect, you're probably better off walking at the beach to shed the same amount of fat. Please don't take my word for it because I'm only speculating. I have done no research but if off the shelves diet pills were so magical, there wouldn't be any obese people around would there...?

So anyway, I decided to give it a go because I, like many others, put on a few kilos during circuit breaker. With my job putting me on indefinite leave and having school holidays, I've just been lying in bed all day. Although come phase 2 my ass has been getting off the bed more, so I probably don't really need this but the snail paced weight loss has been getting on my nerves so I decided to expedite this process. Yes, I am a bum and I'm taking the easier way out. What to do? Ok sorry for the long introduction. Let me get to the point. I added these dubious products (just kidding) to cart, clicked check out and they arrived in just a matter of days. They cost only $39.90. So if you do the m̶e̶t̶h̶ math, that's like $4/meal? I picked the Injeolmi flavour (175cal) cuz I love it and I figured the Chocolate(205cal) would taste like dessert and kinda mess with my mind into thinking I skipped lunch. Plus, the chocolate one had more calories so getting the injeolmi one gives me more room for calories if I wanted to have it with milk.

Taste I've only had 2 other meal replacement years back and one of them was pretty nasty. It was a product sponsor but I told the company I could not promote something like that.... The other was Soylent. My boyfriend was so excited when he heard about this magical product that satisfies your daily nutritional needs and his excitement was contagious. I should've known I would be thoroughly disappointed... I can't quite remember how it tastes but just know I couldn't keep it up for more than a couple of days... Since then I had lost all faith in meal replacements.

This Glam D shake tho.... I decided to put the taste to the test with only water. I put warm water because it just seemed to make sense as a meal replacement... It was pretty good and sweet with just water. The only issue I had was that there's this weird chemical-like aftertaste. I can't really put a finger on what it tastes like so that's all I can say to describe it, I'm sorry. When I added milk tho, it blew my mind... It's so good that these days I'm hoping my mom wouldn't cook lunch just so I could have another packet. On top of it tasting great, there are little bits of random stuff inside like oats, chia seeds, etc. Makes it feel more like you're actually having lunch instead of drinking a shake. Keeps you full? The first 2 days I had these shakes as supper so I couldn't really vouch for the satiety. However, later on I used it to replace actual meals and I would say it didn't make me full but I wasn't hungry for maybe 2 hours? So do be prepared to be hungry. I can take my mind off my hunger if I keep myself busy so I would usually have these at maybe 2pm and by 6pm I'd be looking forward to dinner. I could probably last another 2 hours then treat myself to an extra serving at dinner time lol. Nutritional Values I really don't care how nutritious these are but I've added a snapshot of the nutritional chart and ingredients below. They don't have the english version so I had to use Google Translate but I'm pretty sure it's not translated accurately because I saw "Fish stir-fried veins" somewhere... You can decide for yourself if these suit your needs. Please note that it has xylitol so consuming too much may cause diarrhoea. I'm taking one packet a day at most.

To sum it up, I love it. I bought another 3 boxes ($99!!!) 2 Injeolmi and 1 Chocolate. I shall update you guys on the taste soon. Even if these don't help me lose weight.... I would buy them again ( maybe at a cheaper price ). Ah, I didn't eat much today so I shall go and get another packet. Am I hungry or is this an excuse? Maybe this is why I'm not losing weight... Oh my god I totally forgot that the whole point was to lose weight and I forgot to tell you guys my progress. Well I've only started on these and I'll update if I do lose weight or not or what. I think I will lose weight regardless of this product because I'm not eating as much as during CB anyway.


The chocolate shake has come. I've added water again to test the taste on it's own. The first mouthful was terrible. The weird chemical-like aftertaste was very strong. As I kept sipping it seemed to go away but the texture of the chocolate shake really gets me. We are all used to the sweet watery chocolate shake but this one has a slightly slimy texture so it's really quite off-putting. I really just recommend the injeolmi one... this one has more calories anyway.... I just put the shake aside and took another mouthful and I have to say, the chocolate is pretty disgusting. Really do not recommend. Now I don't know how I'm going to get rid the remaining 9 packets.... Ok I know, I'll mail this to whoever wants to try it for free. If Mongabong liked it, you may like it (unless she's a liar..? Don't @ me). Drop me an email at if you want to try a packet! Okay, I added milk to give it a second go. It's much more bearable and you can actually drink it now but I'm really not a fan of it unlike the injeolmi one. I can see how some people may like it though

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