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Banana in pyjamas

Yet another hot minute since my last blog post. This time I told myself that I need to, absolutely need to start blogging again. So I grabbed an item from my closet and picked its pairings. I've been so busy that I'm ashamed this is one of the better tops I have currently. Because I'm so lazy to dress up for school, I bought tons of oversized shirts I could wear with my flared denim pants. It's my holidays now and I suffer the consequences of only having a number of outfits to wear... also because I gained some weight. Anyway, the yellow flare pants is one of my favourites, you guys might be sick of seeing it but it's so bright that it matches any basic top. I find the striped blouse quite a "Dad" look and I'm not sure when I started to lean towards Korean fashion but maybe I just grew up.

Here, I paired it with a tweed mini skirt for a casual night out look. I love me a good shirt and skirt outfit.

If you're wondering why I'm constantly looking at my phone, I'm actually capturing the images with my phone Not gonna lie this time, see ya next month!

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