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Birthed a blog post - Sweet Cheeks

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

So it would seem like I lied yet again. I haven't blogged in 9 months. So I guess this blog post is pretty much a newborn. I've always been quite hellbent on not posting any images taken with phones but that has been stopping me from creating content more often. SO here are some photos taken with my family's iPhones because I took so many and I was quite happy with them so I decided I would dump them here and revive my blog lmao. We went to Peach Garden for dinner to celebrate my little sisters birthday but stopped by Well Bred (313 somerset) and Sweet Cheeks after for desert.

Firstly, a breakdown of my outfit. Top :

Black knit turtle neck


I got this in S and it's really tight

Bottom : Buckle Up Pants in Bumblebee Yellow Young Hungry Free (not for sale anymore)

Bag : Ruched Top Handle Bag - White Charles & Keith

Shoes : Black Open Toe Sandal w Chunky Heel Charles & Keith

(not for sale anymore)

I gotta say, Sweet Cheeks is pretty dope. Other than the voices of other patrons echoing throughout, the place and the food were pretty good. I am definitely returning. We ordered an ice cream waffle and the other ice cream you see here aer my sister's but I didn't bother to ask what flavour she got. I'm a hardcore pistachio ice cream fan, as long as there's pistachio ice cream on the tray I don't look at any other flavours.

The pistachio ice cream was delicious! One of the best I've had, or maybe even the best. On top of it being so creamy, it wasn't too sweet. I've had my fair share of feeling sick from the sweetness after finishing just one cup of pistachio gelato so I was extremely surprised by this. If I hadn't eaten so much for dinner I might've just ordered another one, which never happens. And what do you know? There's even bits of pistachio in it and a generous serving of pistachio, really.

And the waffle, man. It was fragrant with the right amount of crunch! I could eat the waffle on its own and I'm craving for more right now.

Here's a collage of me running towards the camera to check out the pics

I think this was a pretty good blog post considering how I didn't plan ahead. I hope all future blog posts will be like this and I really hope I see you guys soon. lol

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