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CHARLES & KEITH Favourites

As much as I love everything I have from CHARLES & KEITH, I feel that some items really need an honourable mention. Here I'll be listing my top 3 favourite items from CHARLES & KEITH from around the past 3 months that I highly recommend you cop right now! I'm going to announce them in order from third to first to dramatize things a little. Sorry I've been cooped up at home for the most part of the past few months so I might've got a screw loose at this point. (all images have product links) In third place, we have the Side-Zip Ankle Boots in White.

Here I've paired the boots with a mock-neck black sleeveless knitted top tucked into a printed midi skirt. Along with the CHARLES & KEITH Tiger Calligraphy Chain Handle Shoulder Bag - Taupe. The white and black contrast of the boots adds a pop to the overall look.

My favourite part of this pair is definitely the metal embellishment, completing the entire look.

In second place, we have the Billie Chunky Brogues - Black Textured

I like to pair this with high waist trousers which makes it very suitable and comfortable for work. Not that I work, but it’s been very helpful in my lazy attempts at looking fashionable for fashion school.

I didn’t think I was a brogues person but I do not have any regrets getting this. It's also slightly elevated and the square toe keeps your ootd casual yet stylish.

First place goes to none other than the Gabine Leather Saddle Bag​ - Black

It's sleek, it's elegant, it's classic. It's my go-to bag for almost every occasion. I have tons of other bags but when I look at my options, this bag constantly tops the list.

I like to bring tons of things out with me as well and I'm surprised this bag can store quite a number of things.

My favourite part of this bag is definitely the handle. The abstract uneven shape of the handle- I'm speechless. On the under side of the flap you also get to engrave your initials!

Thanks for reading my blog! Since I'm out of school now, I'll (probably) have more time to blog and I'll definitely have more CHARLES & KEITH products to recommend in future!

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