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Chez Vous Hair Salon

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

This post is long overdue, but better late than never I suppose. It’s been a hot minute since I updated this space (so much for being on a roll LMAO), so for today’s post I’ll be sharing about something that you guys have been dying to know more about. OK maybe not dying per se but curious, at least.

If you’re a fan follower on IG, you may know that I’ve gone through countless hair evolutions - from rainbow,

to orange,

...and even to my latest favourite, this gorgeous chestnut brown.

I feel like everyone goes through phases when it comes to colouring your hair and when you go back to “safe” colours like chestnut brown you know you’ve reached some elusive hair epiphany of sorts. Anyway, I digress.

Today’s post is about Chez Vous, the hair salon I’ve entrusted my hair to since 2018 and why you really should give them a chance to work on your tresses. For ease of reading and my ADHD mind, I’ll break it down into bite-sized points for you to digest.

  1. They’re really just that good.

Skills-wise, these people are the crème de la crème of hair stylists - they literally only hire stylists with either minimum 12 years of experience, or are exceptionally skilled in their area of expertise. I don’t care if it’s elitist because my hair looks great.

You may have your doubts but I have dyed my hair so many times with them and they DO NOT disappoint because it’s a huge sin to them. If you want blue, you get blue; if you want orange, you get orange, and if you want green - hell no, nobody wants that. But if you do somehow want that, yes, that’s unfortunately what you get as well. Basically they’ll make sure they know exactly what it is that you want or help you figure it out if you aren’t there yet, and then they’ll do it to perfection just because they can.

If they think your hair can’t take it they’ll be honest with you of course and offer you alternatives (maybe a conditioning dye instead, or recommend some hair treatments). Either way you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into.

  1. The salon is gorgeous.

Don’t @me please, everyone knows that if you’re going to get your hair done you’re gonna need some sick photos to commemorate and you can definitely do so immediately when your hair is freshly styled and looks its best. Chez Vous currently has two salons, the main salon at Ngee Ann City Tower A,

and Chez Vous: HideAway.

There’s just something about an aesthetically pleasing salon that sets you up nicely for a day of pampering. I can safely say that I have NEVER been to a salon this gorgeous and I’m 99% sure you haven’t either. Speaking of pampering, on to my next point.

  1. At both salons, you’ll receive impeccable service.

Chez Vous really has the competitive edge in the industry for many reasons, but I have to give credit to their amazing service. Their hair stylists are experts but so what? As a patron of the salon, I know I’m a queen once I step into the salon and nobody lets me forget that. From refreshments to scalp massages, and even to reminding you to use the toilet just before they start on anything time consuming to save you the embarrassment of requesting a pee (or poop) break, they’ve got you covered.

They don’t hard sell anything to you as well, and here you may be thinking “of course not to you la, stupid blogger inFLuENza” but I’ve recommended many people to Chez Vous and they have never complained once to me about hard selling. Simply put, their actions speak for themselves and they know that you’ll definitely be back anyway.

  1. They pioneered a Fix Your Programme, where they offer assistance to the public - FOC - to fix anyone’s hair that has been mismanaged by other hair salons in Singapore.

When I heard about this I was shocked. I mean, who does this kind of charity nowadays?! But when I started frequenting Chez Vous, I got it. Just imagine a group of hardworking, earnest and talented people who toil day after day for that ideal, utopian world where everyone has beautiful, lustrous locks. That’s really Chez Vous in a nutshell to me.

So if you want to check them out, just get your hair ruined by another salon. I write in jest, of course but why not.

  1. They’ve even developed a brand-new Anti-damage Soft Rebonding hair smoothening technology.

Yes, you read that right. No more dry and damaged straw hair in exchange for manageable, smooth and fuss-free locks. Say goodbye to Ursula because this Little Mermaid is keeping her voice and her legs, tyvm. This is a demi-permanent hair smoothening method that produces naturally straight-looking hair by promoting shine, hydration, softness and repair all at once.

If you need any more compelling reasons to visit Chez Vous, here are some other links to check out and get your expectations up because I’m that confident they won’t disappoint lol.

And here’s just a direct link to their reviews page (unfiltered):

ALRIGHT that’s it for now, time for me to go take a wank. Bye!



391 orchard road #05-05

ngee ann city podium singapore 238872

6732 9388



391b orchard road #14-04

ngee ann city tower b singapore 238874

6219 3558

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