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Chinese New Year Cheongsams

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I understand this post is either too late or too early, but I decided I'll post this now because when it comes to my memory, it's now or never. By that I mean I would probably forget about it come next CNY. As you would know I tend to shop mostly on Taobao because it's super cheap and I have a tendency to get bored with my clothes fast. Here's a list of cheongsams I bought for 2020 and some great contenders! At the top of the list, my favourite cheongsam of all time! Chiffon sleeved red velvet cheongsam Click images for link

I must say though, make sure to only get this cheongsam if your relatives have airconditioning in their living room, or if you're going to eat CNY eve dinner at a restaurant. It is SO hot and humid in this thing... Next up on the list is something you can actually wear in Singapore weather.

This design is also available in red.

For 2020, I only bought these 2 but I had my eyes on a few others. .



Ok it seems like it's just 2 others..

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for CNY 2021 buys !!!!

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