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Melange Knit Vest

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Oh my god, I am on a roll! Can't believe I have another blog post up this week too. In case you can't identify melange, it is a fabric that has been made with more than one colour, either by using different colored fabrics or made with different fabrics which are then individually dyed.

However, this top is very interesting as it has a layer of jersey knit stitch with what I believe to be large tuck stitches. This creates the vertical and horizontal line patterns that you see. I'm still not very sure as I didn't learn this before and just looked it up but I got very curious as to how this was made when I took a closer look.

Ok things got a bit technical, let's get back.

I accidentally bought this in a size too large. Initially, I wanted to pair this with a plain white shirt underneath (which I still don't own) for a more fitted look but it worked out fine without any. In fact, I think the oversized vest is a look. I mean, oversized tops are still trending, right? (omg Chelsea you should know this)

Paired this top with my favourite black flare pants from Forever 21 (that I bought eons ago), a black tweed fiddler cap, and my C&K ruched top bag. I actually felt that I could've done better with the bag choice but it was the best option I had. Guess this means I need to go shopping again!

A breakdown of my outfit,

Top : Melange Knit Vest


Bag : Ruched Top Handle Bag - White

Charles & Keith

Bottom : Black Flare Pants Forever 21


KIMOJ - Bugis Plus

Now I'm feeling very confident when I say I'll see y'all again next week haha bye!!

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