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Really is loungewear

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Looks like my confidence in my previous post was really unfounded. I would apologize for not posting regularly but who even reads my blog? Anyway, I’m so in love with this Dazy Solid Lapel Collar Blouse & Shorts set, I almost didn’t get it because it’s $22. I tend to hesitate when the price tags are $20 and above for clothes. I know right, so lame. whatever, I’m super broke.

I honestly expected it to be very poor quality but damn let me tell you I could sleep in this. that’s why I called the post ”Really is loungewear” hahahahahaha

It’s very soft to the touch and with regards to thickness, I find it to be perfect for Singapore weather. Not thin enough to seem cheap but not thick enough to be too hot.

Also I super love my bucket hat. It’s pretty large so I use it to hide me if I wanna look stylish but didn’t wear make up or style my bangs. Click the image above for the link to the bucket hat! Also super cute with a white tank under

Okay ciao see you whenever (no more promises. I’m done)

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