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Shopee Finds #1 Accessories

Before we even start, if you don't have a Shopee account please click here (only works on mobile) or code LEVER223 to get a $10 voucher. Oh god, It's terribly difficult typing this post just after I've done nails (extensions). Especially since I haven't had extensions done in months! Ok let's get to the point. If you haven't heard of Shopee, first off I don't know what to say and secondly, you should go sign up now... I view Shopee as like the local taobao. They have many wallet friendly items and if you're buying from a local seller it ships over really really quickly so that beats Taobao. They also have sellers from China so the prices are quite competitive. I find that Shopee is great in how easy it is to use. When buying on Taobao, you gotta consolidate your orders in the forwarding warehouse and navigate/search in Chinese... However, that's not to say that Taobao sucks now that Shopee is around because not everything is on Shopee (as of now) and Taobao still wins sometimes when it comes to price. The following is some good finds on Shopee (most of which I bought) 1. Velvet heart hair clips

For $2.90 a pair, these aren't exactly cheap which is why I only bought the deep emerald colour (photo above). However, I was willing to spend because the velvet hearts are super cute and upon closer inspection, there were ribs in the fabric which made it look a bit like corduroy. 2. Marble Hair Clips

The quality seems fine for something that's $1.13. I've been using these everyday now and I think it's a very cute accent piece for your hair. This would be perfect for an outfit to the beach, etc. when you would wear a cute sundress. 3. Cotton melange ankle socks

I don't know what the market rate is for socks but $1.03 seems pretty darn cheap and the colours of these really got me. On top of that it's not a plain solid colour sock, it's made of cotton melange (heathered effect, google melange) I actually bought this in another type, then I realised they weren't ankle socks. Ankle socks are god sent so I'm listing this instead.

4. Satin scrunchie

I actually didn't buy these yet because I don't have good experience with scrunchies like these as they're not tight enough for my hair. I'm gonna give it a go and add this to cart though because it's only $0.99... 5. Pearl Hairclips

I actually bought this from a different seller but found another for 1/3 the price. These are 50c each.... Well it says it's on discount so really the price can change anytime so better get it quick!

6. Pearl seashell hairclip

The little pearl on this metal seashell is damn cute lor...I ordered this in rose gold but I believe i was sent the "KC gold" one. Oh well it was still pretty anyway. I'm not sure what I feel about it being $2.25 though... Okay at this point I'm very lazy already so thanks for reading!!! Bye!!!

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