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[10% off] Vain Beauty Eyelash Extensions Review

You don't know what you have until it's gone. Read on for my eyelash extension journey and which beauty salon I recommend to get your lashes done in Singapore. Having had my lashes done by Vain Beauty for the longest time ever, I was spoiled and pampered by their skills and efficiency. It was only when I forgot to get them done before my trip to Bali that I realised how amazing they were. I had no choice but to get my lashes done in Bali the moment I touched down. I should've expected the lapse in skills but I was in for a surprise... I chose a lady who had tons of good reviews and had high expectations but when it got down to the real thing, she was fumble-y and took a good 2.5-3 hours for "Kim K lashes" The moment I opened my eyes I was taken aback by the difference in what I had and the reference photo I showed her. Only then did she admit that in Bali, they didn't have shorter lashes like I wanted. Here is the reference photo

Here is what I got (although it's a bit hard to see, LOL ignore my face HAHHAHAHA)

I mean, it's not bad but it wasn't what I was looking for and I'm just so used to having Vain beauty be able to replicate any reference image I present. When I came back to Singapore, I quickly made an appointment to get my lashes removed and redone by my dearest Vain Beauty.

Look at the space, it's so well decorated and gorgeous. They have a great ambience for a self care pampering day! Their Paya Lebar Quarter outlet is at such an easily accessibly and convenient location, surrounded by many eateries and retail shops for you to dine and shop at after/before your appointment. The entire experience is also very comfortable, so comfortable that I always fall asleep. The next thing you know, your lashes are all done. No matter what style you're doing, it never exceeds an hour. So when I was made to lie down for that 2-3 whole hours, I promise you I was dying and crying inside.... There was a clear distinct contrast in the skills of the lash technicians at VB versus the lady from Bali. VB ladies work with smooth movements. No strange pauses, no excess movements, it feel as if they "pick and place, pick and place" with perfection. On the other hand I could feel the Bali Lady jabbing at the weirdest places (not that it hurt though) and scuffling around as if my lashes were the Amazon forest. Here's a photo of my recent lashes at Vain Beauty (not related to the reference image above, I wanted a different style this time since I prefer natural eyelash extensions)

Not to mention the longevity. Bali lashes started falling off the day itself! Within 2 weeks, my lashes were patchy and messy. When it comes to VB, I never had to come in for a touch up because they last so long. It's been almost 2 weeks since my appointment and there's still full attendance. The lash technician ladies that always do my lashes are TingTing and XiaoYue, so be sure to look for them when you make an appointment and flash my Instagram page here for 10% off. Thanks for reading!

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